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Whole Life Means Woke Life for Abortion

December 11, 2020

Expanding from a video by Lecrae, Chris and Rich explore a new movement emerging within Pro-Life. This new ideology will encompass and threaten every group’s definition of fighting against abortion. Regardless of secular affiliation, biblical methods, or abolitionist view the new Woke Life Movement will be a challenge no matter which banner you fly in the fight to save unborn lives.

Show Links:

Christian Post - Why speaking out against the killing of George Floyd is a pro-life issue

Wikipedia - Consistent life ethic

Millennial Journal - What is the Whole Life Movement?

YouTube Video - A Brief History of The Pro-Life Movement and an Introduction to God's New Paradigm

Woke Preacher Clips tweet - Lecrae 

HumanDefense.com - Image Bearers: Pro-life or Whole Life?

Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden

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