This week, Chris and Rich tackle a controversial topic: who is responsible for maintaining your salvation? Must the Christian work to keep himself secure in Christ or are we eternally secure from the day we are redeemed?

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Article - Can a Believer Lose Their Salvation?

This week, Chris and Rich continue their discussion of the issue of celebrity Christendom.  How can Christians avoid falling prey to celebrity idolatry?  Where ought our attentions and affections lie?

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Interesting News Item of the Week

This week, Chris and Rich discuss the public apostasy of Joshua Harris.  American evangelicalism has a deep fascination with celebrity Christians and pastors.  Unfortunately, this has led to deep hurt and disappointment when some of our favorite evangelical idols fall.  How can Christians avoid the cult of celebrity and its associated pitfalls?  Also, they make a plea for prayer for the victims of the El Paso shooting and request Christians to avoid political entanglements in the days to come.

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This week, Rich and Chris discuss how Christians ought to minister to those who are enduring suffering and tribulation.

This week, Chris and Rich discuss the ever-popular and misapplied "doctrine" of "Thou Shalt Not Judge!"

This week, Rich and Chris discuss popular evangelical teacher Beth Moore.  Ms. Moore has a fundamental issue that all Christians should be concerned with, the matter of to whose authority she actually submits.

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Josh Buice - Why the SBC Should Say “No More” to Beth Moore

On this Fourth of July Weekend, let's look back to the time Chris and Rich discussed the Revoice Conference as well as the debate within the SBC about women in leadership.  What does the Word of God say about these issues and how should we address the claims of those who promote questionable practices within the church?

Take a trip back to the time when Rich and Chris discussed God's authority in the life of a believer, both in those who have authority over us and in our submission to His Word.

This week, Chris and Rich the recent Southern Baptist Annual Convention where the now famous "Resolution 9 - On Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality" was adopted.  What does this resolution say, what was it intended to be, and why does it matter to the Church at large?

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Echo Zoe Interview 

An Open Letter to Beth Moore

Tom Ascol's Article

The Sword and the Trowel Podcast

CRT Definition

Original Resolution 9 

Officially Adopted Resolution 9

Are you afraid of sharing the gospel with people? You are not alone. Many Christians legitimately feel afraid to give the good news to the lost.  This week, Rich and Chris seek to encourage believers to give the most precious gift in the world to those they encounter.

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