On this Good Friday episode, tornadoes in Mississippi set the backdrop for Rich and Chris' conversation on the issue of personal responsibility.

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Washington Post Article

With the recent verbal assaults of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg against the faith of Vice President Pence, Chris and Rich discuss who really decides what makes up the Christian faith, God or culture.

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LGBTQ Nation Article

Lady Gaga Quote

CARM - Essential Doctrines of Christianity

Bitesize Theology Book

This week, Rich and Chris discuss the issue of same-sex attraction from a Christian perspective. Is the issue of attraction merely a temptation for a professing Christian, or is it a sin of the heart that must be repented of?

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Tom Ascol - Founders.org Article

Tom Buck Articles on Living Out (links to all 4 articles are found here)

American Psychiatric Association Article on Sexual Orientation


Chris and Rich return from an unexpected hiatus to discuss the 2019 Shepherd's Conference.  Also, winners from this week's #GetWellRich contest are announced.

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Shepherd's Conference Sessions

Many Christians are excited about the prospect of states including Bible literacy courses in public schools.  However, we must ask the question exactly what will be taught and how.  These questions are essential to determining whether or not we should support such efforts.

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Fox News Article

Bible In the Schools - Why Teach the Bible

Society of Biblical Literature - Schools Guide (PDF document)

The week, Rich and Chris discuss the Houston Chronicle's article series "Abuse of Faith" chronicling sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention. What can this teach the Church at large about how to deal with issues of sexual abuse?

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Albert Mohler's Article

Houston Chronicle - Abuse of Faith

This week, Chris and Rich discuss recent news events involving Pastor John MacArthur and President Donald Trump.  How can Christians understand these matters and what obligations do they have in understanding all the facts involved?

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Sanctification Through Suffering Conference

Hip and Thigh Blog Article on John MacArthur

Fox News Article - Trump Speaks on Abortion at SOTU

This week, Chris and Rich continue their discussion on the five reasons pastors leave the church.  Also included this week are a discussion on SBC President JD Greear's sermon on Romans 1 and homosexuality, as well as the weirdest news story of the week.

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5 Reasons Why Pastors Leave the Ministry

Weird News of the Week

JD Greear Sermon

Twitter: Greear LGBT Statement

Body of Practical Divinity

Social Justice and the Gospel Pre-Conference Videos

Christian Podcast Community 2018 Awards


This week, Chris and Rich discuss the reasons why pastors often leave churches and how local bodies can correct the problems that lead to this troubling issue.

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Five Reasons Why Pastors Leave the Ministry

Evangelical White Lies by Mike Abendroth

Rich and Chris are back in the saddle as the new year begins.  This week they discuss the New Year's motto "New Year, New Me!"  Does entering a new calendar year really change us?  Can we really start off with a blank slate?  

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