At a time when the judgment of God is evident upon our nation as hatred and violence erupt around us, Chris and Rich discuss how even well-intended online discussions can fan the flames of an angry people.  Not only what topics we choose to engage but how we address these issues can inadvertently add fuel to the fire.  As Christians, even in matters of important doctrinal issues, we must treat others as creations in the image and likeness of God, showing grace and mercy as God has been merciful to us.  In this episode, they also ask the listeners to take time to pray that God would pour out His mercy on our nation.

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100 Verses About Arguing

This week, let's look back to when Rich and Chris took time to remind Christians to use their godly gifts to encourage one another in Christ.

This week, Chris and Rich ask the question "What defines manliness?" Cultural definitions are as plentiful as there are grains of sand on the beach. But, true manliness is found in the character and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Book recommendation: The American Puritans

This week, Chris Hohnholz and Andy Olson of Echo Zoe Radio join forces to create two podcasts in one! Both hosts discuss a variety of topics from a biblical perspective and encourage Christians to love one another and live according to the law of Christ.

Show Links:

Echo Zoe Radio

Seacoast Church Announcement

Religion News Service Article

Christian Podcast Community

In light of recent events in our world, let's look back at when Rich and Chris discussed how Christians ought to minister to those who are enduring suffering and tribulation.

This week, Chris and Rich discuss a recent Harvard Magazine article that claims homeschooling is dangerous and calls for a presumptive ban. Are the claims of the article valid? How should Christians respond to such allegations?

Show Links

Harvard Magazine Article

Arizona Law Review Paper


Voddie Baucham - The Children of Caesar Pt. 1

Voddie Baucham - The Chidlren of Caesar Pt 2.

Find Forgiveness in Christ

This week, Chris and Rich discuss the need for Christians to develop and apply a biblical worldview in their lives.

Show Links:

Focus on the Family - What's a Christian Worldview?

CARM - What Are Some Christian Worldview Essentials?

CARM - What Are Some Elements of a Christian Worldview?

Voice of Reason Radio on Christian Podcast Community

This week, Chris and Rich encourage believers to be busy about preaching the gospel in a time of crisis.

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Weird News of the Week

Bezeugen Tracts (link opens to page with hyperlink images, click on the links and share the gospel images online)

Today, Rodney Howard-Browne, a false teacher in Tampa Bay, Florida was arrested after refusing to follow the county's mandate to cease gatherings of more than 10 people under CDC guidelines.  Despite the directive, Howard-Browne continued his church's weekly gatherings, resulting in his arrest. Is persecution of the Christian church occurring under the guise of health and safety? Should Christians be concerned about Howard-Browne's arrest? Chris and Rich discuss.

Show Links:

Fox News 13 Article - Howard-Browne's Arrest

Jerusalem Post Article on May De Blasio

This week let's look back at the episode that won the 2019 Christian Podcast Community Best Episode Award: Chris and Rich discuss the reasons why pastors often leave churches and how local bodies can correct the problems that lead to this troubling issue.

Show Links:

Five Reasons Why Pastors Leave the Ministry

Evangelical White Lies by Mike Abendroth

Help! The Pastor is Drowning! - Pt. 2

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