Rich and Chris discuss the issue of same-sex attraction from a Christian perspective. Is the issue of attraction merely a temptation for a professing Christian, or is it a sin of the heart that must be repented of?

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Tom Ascol - Article

Tom Buck Articles on Living Out (links to all 4 articles are found here)

American Psychiatric Association Article on Sexual Orientation

With the recent verbal assaults of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg against the faith of Vice President Pence, Chris and Rich discuss who really decides what makes up the Christian faith, God or culture.

The Christian entertainment world has been rocked by the scandal of comedian John Crist's grossly immoral and sinful behavior. Chris and Rich ask how Crist's sins were missed and allowed to progress so far. What does this mean for the church? How can Christians prevent such persons from hurting the brethren in their midst? Join us for an extended episode on a difficult topic. Parental guidance is advised.

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Charisma News Article

Let's jump in the wayback machine and join Rich and Chris when they talked about Christians' penchant for less than hospitable theological arguments online.  Scripture commands us to love the brethren, how then must we act when discussing theology, especially in light of the coming persecution in our nation?

In a recent televised debate, Presidential Candidate Beto O'Rourke promised to take tax exemption away from religious institutions that opposed gay marriage.  Is persecution in America on the horizon? How should Christians react to this? What should be our attitude toward government-sanctioned persecution?  Chris and Rich discuss.

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National Review Article

CNS News - Franklin Graham Response

Associated Press Article - Warren and Buttigieg Distancing From O'Rourke

Beth Moore has re-entered evangelical discussion following a Q&A at the Truth Matters Conference where John MacArthur discussed biblical qualifications for preaching.  Go back with us to May of this year when Michelle Lesley discussed with us Beth Moore and women's roles in the church.

This week, Rich and Chris ask how modern American Evangelicals would respond if Christ spoke to them as He did in the days of Scripture.

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Chris' ESV Unboxing

ESV 6 Volume Goatskin Leather Set

This week, Chris and Rich discuss "Red-Letter Christianity" which places a higher emphasis on the words of Christ in the gospels over the rest of the New Testament. This practice is not only unbiblical but actually attacks the inspiration and authority of Scripture.

This week, Rich and Chris share an article of a long-time program friend and program supporter and discuss how we might equip ourselves to be imitators of Christ.  

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Article: We Imitate Those We Love Most

Article: As I Imitate Christ

Travel back with us three years ago as Chris and Rich take on popular Christian phrases that may, or may not, be biblical in nature.  Should we be using these phrases? If not, what is the biblical alternative?

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